Greetings! Wild Craft Eatery is brought to you
by Michael & Nova Nelson.

Wild Craft Eatery is our newest creation and speaks to our history as well as our future. Our first restaurant, Angelicas, opened in 1998. It began as an herb store that began serving juices and smoothies. Then we offered beans and rice, then burritos with fresh sprouts. Soon we outgrew our 2 bar stools and moved to our current location. We opened Angelicas Vegetarian Restaurant with 2 hot plates, 2 crock pots, and a bread machine. We added on one piece at a time until we had a full kitchen, stove top and all.

After 3 years we sold Angelicas and opened Coyote Kitchen. After successfully running Coyote Kitchen for 3 years and we sold it and it still carries on very well today! We then opened up Moon Shine Cafe located in the Old Jailhouse, now Proper, and began serving comfort foods with local ingredients and global flavors. After 3 years of rocking it there Angelicas went out of business. We gladly returned to its location, to where we began, glad to be back in its bright & sunny afternoons, its off beat style and its perfect location. We moved Moon Shine and we re-opened as Tupelos World Cafe. We ran Tupelos for 3 years, before we changed our vision, and name, to Hob Nob Farm Cafe.

Four years ago when we made that decision we really envisioned ourselves doing larger scale farming of annual vegetables to supply the restaurant. However, restaurants, and delightfully fast growing kiddos, are very time consuming, as is annual farming. As these years passed we began to focus more and more on the native and visiting plants that grow here easily year after year. Our farms grapes, pears, apples, elderberries, blackberries, nettles, mints, shitakes, dandelions, spices and other such edibles grew and multiplied while the annual garden got smaller with each passing season. It became clear to us that we were not doing what was in our name, and we thought, that's lame! So we decided to change our name to reflect our current vision and since we are Wild and Crafty, we did. Please forgive us any inconvenience this may cause you and come see what we have created, just for you!


Our farm has come to be called, as it always has been, The Holler.  And in this lovely holler, nestled on the banks of the Watauga River, we find ourselves cultivating perennial crops that love to grow here, there are just so many! We will soon be renting out the Holler and the barn (with stage and dance floor) for parties, events and retreats. To see pictures go to