Healthy Kids Are Happy Kids
...And We Have Toys Too...

Kids Menu

Cheezy Raviolis…$5
mozzerella raviolis tossed in a tomato ragu

Beans & Rice…$4
rice, red beans & cheddar cheese

Maya’s Burrito…$4.5
rice, red beans, cheddar cheese & sour cream.

The Roo Burger…$6
1/3 lb local hickory nut gap grass fed burger on toasted
potato bun with ketchup & lettuce. served with corn chips.
make it a cheeseburger for $1

Kai’s Cheezy Quesdilla…$4
large four tortilla grilled with melted cheddar cheese,
top with lettuce, tomato & sour cream add $2

Quesadilla Samara…$6
quesadilla grille
d with cheddar cheese & grilled chicken. top with
lettuce, tomato & sour cream add $2

Coco’s Nachos…$4.5
corn chips, red beans, cheddar cheese & sour cream

Tess’ Grilled Cheese…$4
homemade bread pressed with butter & cheddar.
served with corn chips. sub a small cup of tomato gouda soup…$2

The Brave Chicken Taco…$5
2 soft tacos lled with grilled chicken, lettuce, cheese,
tomato & sour cream. corn tortillas available upon request!

Side Fruit…$1.50
mango or mandarins

Side Veggie…$2
sweet corn, green beans or sweet potato