Hob Nob Farm Café has become Wild Craft Eatery…
         Many of your favorites are still here for you to enjoy.

Hob Nob Farm Café has become Wild Craft Eatery…but fear not…many of your favorites are still here for you to enjoy.

We have changed our name, and our intentions, to better reflect who we have become, and how we would like to change the world. Our menu, as well as our farm, will be inspired from the wild edible foods that grow abundantly in the blue ridge mountains, and around the world.

As Wild Craft Eatery we will draw our flavors from as many wild and bountiful foods, especially ones that both delight the tastebuds and sooth the soul. But please know, as wild and crafty as we may be, a majority of our foods will come from large distributers, who, luckily for us all, now offer a wide array of local, regional, organic and fresh foods with daily deliveries, year round.

Our farm has come to be called, as it always was before we arrived, The Holler.  And in this lovely holler, nesstled on the banks of the Watauga River, we find ourselves cultivatingperrenial crops that love to growhere, there are just so many! As of now we have apples, pears, plums, nettles, elderberries, herbs & spices, blackberries, blueberries, shitakes, nettles & watercress. As the years pass we will be able to offer more and more of such foods, as well as so many others that are just a-waiting to be grown.

Serving food to you is both an honor and a priviledge to us. Food alone has the ability to change your health, the prosperity of our community, the future of the earth, and, perhaps best of all, your mood. So thank you for being here, and allowing us to do what we love, for you (and the earth too).

Michael & Nova Nelson – Co Creators